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Project Week 2014
Posted 04/17/2015 12:41PM

Project week began with a bang! We were transported throughout subject of ' time' with a live show". The slightly deranged doctor Sutton and his lively assistant Lady Pink hosted us through this show. Mozart told us stories about the rocking songs of his time, Charlie Chaplin made people laugh and suddenly the sound of the Marseillaise could be heard. The legendary Napoleon Bonaparte stepped in with his charming and equally elegant Josephine. He spoke to the audience about his conquests and how he was involved in the foundation of Switzerland. Next followed an astronaut, also known as Mr. Weber, came from a totally different time. In his glittering astronaut suit he sang a song from David Bowie and gave us a look into the era of 2250. After that the wild Pirate Mary Reids, armed with a sword, came rushing in. The host took fright and the audience was shaking. After this fearsome performance the confused Archimedes; a Greek mathematician and physicist appeared. He demonstrated the discovery of the measurement of density with an experiment. After this varied show the students went into several, mixed age project groups with lots of active learning and exploring. The enthusiasm was visually noticeable both throughout the week and in the final exhibition on Thursday. A lot of parents visited the exhibition and were astonished at what their children have learned in this short time. The project week was a super success.

During Project Week we have worked on the theme of TIME – from the ancient times all the way to the future.

In the group that focused on the topic "English in the Future" we learned how to write a structured book / story. To the story that we wrote we then drew relevant pictures. To write the story Mrs. Hill and Mrs. Weeks helped us.

In the group that focused on "Science in the future" we learned about how many people can live on planet Earth. To find out the answer we had to calculate a lot of different things. We found out that 18,607,300,000 people can live on planet Earth.

So as you can see we learned a lot of different and interesting themes during the Project Week.

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