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Trip to Augusta Raurica
Posted 06/09/2015 01:20PM

Off to ancient times! Under the motto "The Romans", Grade 4 went on an overnight trip to Augusta Raurica on April 21st and 22nd. Our students describe their lasting impressions themselves:

On the 21.4/22.4.2015 we were all very excited to experience our first overnight school trip. The whole fourth grade prepared for this trip since such a long time and then the day finally came. We had to travel from Pfäffikon to Kaiseraugst by bus and train. It was a long and tiring journey.

When we finally arrived we still had to walk to the interesting museum, Augusta Raurica. After we put our heavy baggage into the lockers, we split into two groups. The group of Ms. Mahabeer went inside, whilst Mr. Brandenberg`s group went outside to learn more about the theatre. The theatre of Augusta Raurica is the best-preserved Roman theatre north of the Alps. Once there were seats for 10'000 – 12'000 visitors. Besides the performances of plays, pantomimes and musical entertainments, the theatre was also used for religious ceremonies and political assemblies. During our visit we were very impressed how clearly you could understand the one on the stage without any speakers even on the highest level of the steps. Later we all had lunch at the seats of the theatre with an amazing sight! Later on we explored the cloaca. This was very interesting. We went underground, the stones were hard, damp and rough. During our descent most of the girls screamed and yelled to make it sound scary. I had to laugh so much. We really had a great time. All the sewage and wastewater goes through the cloaca and then into the stream. Even such long time ago people were smart. We also went inside and discovered one of the biggest silver treasures Europe! There is a specific story about this whole treasure: The boy who found this magnificent dish kept it under his bed. The image in relief show the youth Achilles, before he took part of the Trojan war. Later in the afternoon we marched our way back to the place where we would be sleeping. First we ate and then everyone prepared their sleeping bag and settled down. Then we went outside and played a lot of games. We all giggled and laughed. It was hard to sleep because it was a quite unusual situation sleeping all together in one room, besides this it was freezing cold and there were some sounds that you couldn`t overhear. This essay would be far too long if I would tell you all the interesting and exciting things we discovered and experienced during our journey. These days will remain unforgettable to me and whenever I think about it a big smile will appear on my face!

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