Educational Approach

Empowering children to face the complex challenges of the future.

We live in an increasingly complex, globalized, and media-saturated society. We cannot predict with certainty developments in the next five years, much less the next 60 years; yet we are charged with preparing our students for life in that world.

Emerging technologies and resulting globalization provide unlimited possibilities for exciting new discoveries and developments, such as new forms of energy, medical advances, restoration of environmentally ravaged areas, communications, and exploration into space and into the depths of oceans. The possibilities are unlimited.

Our Mission


OBS conveys the competences for the 21st century. We recognise the diverse learning patterns of children and offer individualisation of the learning process, while maintaining a broad curriculum. In addition to the core areas of Science, Technology, Economy, Art, Media and Sports, special emphasis is given to languages, creativity and problem solving techniques, environmental and health subjects.


Our teachers bear the main responsibility for the success of our vision. By means of innovative teaching methods and individually aligned learning goals, our teachers inspire, mentor, challenge and support students to become successful life-long learners. Special focus is given to targeted teacher training and development.


OBS awakens curiosity and critical thinking through encouraging students to learn by doing, through exploration and active research, which also promotes a deeper level of understanding. Inspiring and flexible learning environments, advanced technologies and ever-present sustainability positively support our pupils' education.


OBS prepares students to become international citizens, emphasizing the importance of social values and skills that are indispensable for successful interaction. Every child is treated with respect, with an emphasis on their personal talents.

Our students are to approach the world of tomorrow with joy and enthusiasm. They will design their and our future as responsible global citizens.

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