An Individual Approach

OBS recognizes that learning is a personal experience. We inspire children to take an active role in learning using a variety of teaching styles and resources, to help prepare our students for the complex challenges of their future.

In love with Learning

Learning happens best when an individual can identify with what they are learning and make connections to other subject areas and the real world. At OBS we recognise that children learn in different ways and through different learning styles. Our well qualified teaching staff work to encourage and inspire each student using a variety of teaching methods and materials to ensure that:

  • all students are engaged and excited by learning
  • every student experiences success
  • every student feels supported in making progress
  • every student has high aspirations

Clear Learning Goals

Learning becomes more concrete when students work towards clear expectations. OBS's curriculum is developed around competences and transparent learning goals, drawing on the Swiss curriculum and carefully selected elements of international practice.

Feedback and Individual Coaching

Timely feedback plays a crucial role at all levels within the school in helping students to understand what they have achieved and how they can make further progress. In Primary and the Upper School, students have regular individual coaching sessions, where they are encouraged to self-evaluate their work and discuss next steps. These meetings are recorded in each student's learning journal throughout the school years.

Learning and Language Support

As a bilingual school we place particular value in supporting children with the acquisition of language skills. Children who require English or German language support, Deutsch als Zweitsprache (DAZ) or English as an Additional Language (EAL), are taught in small groups outside the classroom or supported directly in the classroom. Our aim is to integrate the children into the full programme as quickly as possible.

Parents of children receiving support pay an additional fee and benefit from the advantage that their child can more quickly participate in the classroom in the new language.

When a child has specific learning needs, individual assessments are made and additional support agreed, either within the school or through external partners.

Small class sizes

We value small class sizes that enable teachers to bring out the potential of each child. Students enjoy sharing ideas and learning from their peers within the structured environment of co-operative learning. Within these small class communities students are given opportunities to take on responsibility for themselves and for others.

Partnership with parents

Our parents are vital partners in the work we do. It is important that we build a firm relationship between home and school in order to really understand each individual child and to maximize opportunities for our students. Parents are invited for parent conferences and are encouraged to contact their child's teacher or coach over any concerns.

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