Primary School

Exploring, understanding and learning together

When children start primary school, they are inquisitive and want to broaden their horizon. OBS provides them with the ideal learning environment.

Our experienced teachers support the children to discover and investigate a whole new world. We help them assume responsibility for themselves and others and teach them to treat each other with openness and respect. We encourage the children entrusted to us to develop a healthy dose of self-confidence.

Bilingual and Multicultural

Our consistently bilingual primary school encourages the children to start learning about different cultures at an early age and exposes them to global ideas and attitudes.

Our students are taught in classes with children of their own age. During one week, they are taught in German – and in the other, they are taught in English. Without exception, all teachers are native speakers of either German or English.

New students at OBS Primary School who speak only German or English are given extra tuition. This either takes place in small, distinct groups or directly in the lessons. Extra tuition is subject to a charge. The advantage of extra tuition is that students are able to actively participate in lessons held in the new language a lot sooner.

Our Primary School Programme

As a state recognised school, the content of our lessons is based on the official curriculum of the canton of Schwyz and is enhanced by selected elements of international curricula.

Exploration, investigation and experimentation are the basic components of learning. For this reason, our students attend science classes already from Grade 1. Based on a challenging curriculum, the teachers impart creative learning and problem-solving approaches. The students learn to develop and evaluate solutions both individually and in cooperative learning environments.

Each class teacher is additionally supported by qualified specialist subject teachers and teaching assistants. As with all subjects; German, English and from Grade 5 onwards French are taught exclusively by native speakers.

During our project weeks, science weeks and class trips, we provide the students with an opportunity to explore subjects in an interdisciplinary way across the year groups.

More than Just Education

OBS supports children in their individual learning process. In regular coaching sessions, the students learn valuable academic skills. Teachers help students to successfully plan and reflect on their individual learning process and behaviour. On-going advice and support helps children to develop their full potential.

This naturally includes personal interests and hobbies, for which the school timetable consciously sets aside free time. An example of this is daily club programme. The clubs exercise both mind and body in a playful and relaxing environment.

Taking on responsibility - School Parliament and Respektlotsen

In 2014 a school parliament was brought into being at OBS. It is organised by teachers and its goal is to give the children a forum in which they can voice their ideas and concerns. A student representative from each class, elected each semester, represents the students. This allows students to learn to speak their minds freely, but also to listen to and respect the opinions of others. Since 2015 students of Grade 5 and 6 can visit OBS specific workshops to become mediators (Respektlotsen). They actively support a respectful and friendly learning climate at our school.

Growing Together

Our families greatly appreciate being part of our lively, open and warm-hearted school community. It is important to us that the parents consider themselves to our partners in education. We encourage you to play an active role in the education of your child. Regular communication, visits to our information evenings, school events and parent meetings ensure that we jointly create the ideal learning environment in which your child can grow and develop.

A glimpse into a day at OBS Primary School

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