Playing, learning and discovering the world

Between the ages of 4 and 6 years, children go through a number of developmental stages, as they begin to reveal their personal identities whilst discovering their role in the world.

We aim to accompany and facilitate each child’s progress through these exciting developmental milestones, by providing carefully selected child-appropriate activities.

We ensure that your child’s individual needs are identified as early as possible, our experienced and dedicated teachers collaborate closely across all subject areas. Our colourful, warm and stimulating classrooms provide the perfect environment for your child to discover, explore and learn.

Creating a Bilingual Learning Environment

We welcome all children into OBS Kindergarten, regardless of their first language. Your child’s own culture and language are celebrated in our classrooms, and provide us with relevant opportunities to broaden an understanding of the world around us.

Our Kindergarten team offers special small group support for children who are having difficulties with English or German. The new language thereby appears less intimidating, the students are motivated and find it easier to integrate in the bilingual environment. Each Kindergarten class is allocated native-speaking German and English teachers.

While English and German instruction change on a weekly basis, the children are exposed to both languages every day. We believe it is important that the children develop a high standard of language skills in both English and German. Through speaking, singing, poems, stories and role-play, the children acquire a rich vocabulary in both languages.

Our Kindergarten Programme and Facilities

Our theme-based Kindergarten programme aims to provide a holistic education. In this process, we attach great value to the development of social skills, self-development and the motivation for learning in all areas.

We offer a multitude of child-centred activities with competent guidance. These interchange with creative free play and opportunities for independent learning.

The world around us is constantly changing and at a fast pace. We aim to provide your child with all necessary skills to successfully negotiate the challenges of an exciting, but unpredictable future.

Your child will be exposed to mathematical and scientific subjects, and will have the opportunity to express his or her creativity through arts and crafts, music and sports. Our high quality teaching materials support the joy of experimentation.

If children show an interest in writing and if they are ready, they are encouraged to develop their early literacy skills. Our weekly library programme helps encourage a love of books, and our teachers also provide an example of good reading practice by offering daily story-telling sessions.

Exercise and Fun Outdoors

OBS’s movement room provides the perfect environment to develop gross motor skills, as does our weekly child-centred sports programme. From the second year of Kindergarten, your child can participate in optional skiing lessons.

We attach great importance to taking the children outdoors where we make new discoveries every day. A nearby forest, a large playground and the school’s own play-areas offer lots of space for fun and games. Lots of fresh air, exercise and the balanced diet offered by our in-house kitchen ensure that your child is well looked after and teach him or her about a healthy lifestyle.

Our special Forest Programme is held in all seasons. Children get to know the changes of the seasons, help build a fire, cook their own lunch and take part in activities which expose them to the wonders of nature.

Growing Together

We would like parents to see themselves as partners within our school. We therefore ask you to take an active role in the education of your child. Stay in touch with us regularly and attend our information evenings and school events. Our families appreciate being part of our open and warm-hearted school community.

We are proud of being able to offer you a safe, happy and stimulating learning environment, where your child can grow and develop.

One day in OBS Kindergarten

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