Playing, learning and discovering the world

Between the ages of 2 and 4, a child’s identity is formed.
At OBS, we consider and promote the individuality, natural curiosity and self-confidence of your child.

We have a broad range of varied activities geared towards the needs of each individual child. Detailed observations by the teachers form a key part of educational planning.Your child's individual interests and strengths are taken into account and encouraged appropriately. We address areas in which children have potential for development in a caring manner and support their further development with individual measures.

Bilingualism Comes Naturally

We welcome all children into Prekindergarten, regardless of their first language. Numerous scientific studies and our own experience show that children find it easy to learn several languages at the same time.

All activities are introduced in both languages. Your child can experiment with both languages in a relaxed and motivating environment.

Our experienced and dedicated German and English native-speaking teachers work as a team in the same classroom and conduct their part of the lesson in their respective native language.

Learning by Playing

We teach various age-related and exciting subjects in our Prekindergarten and thereby foster your child’s natural curiosity. We also encourage your child to actively participate in offerings such as creative language, practical maths, experiments, music and crafts.

Fine motor skills are continuously developed during focused classroom activities. Soft-play landscapes and a movement room provide the perfect environment to dance, run, hop, jump and develop balance, rhythm and throwing and catching skills in safety.

Fun Outdoors

Fresh air, exercise and a balanced diet ensure that your child is well looked-after at our school. We take the children outdoors every day, either to the woods nearby, the public playground or to the school’s own play areas.

Our meals are freshly prepared in our in-house kitchen. Our certified cook pays particular consideration to allergies, vegetarian diets and other special dietary needs.

Growing together

Our families greatly appreciate being part of our lively, open and warm-hearted school community. It is important to us that the parents consider themselves to be partners in our school.

We are delighted for you to play an active role in the education of your child. Regular visits to our information evenings, school events and parent meetings ensure that we jointly create the ideal learning environment in which your child can grow and develop.

One day in OBS Prekindergarten

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