Early Years

Our Prekindergarten follows a curriculum that promotes bilingualism, quality of learning, international mindedness and encouraging independent learners.

The International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC) provides an innovative and holistic learning process, offering the international best practices and recognising the developing needs of our 2 – 4 year old’s.

IEYC is based on four very important learning strands:

  • Independence and interdependence
  • Communication
  • Enquiring
  • Healthy living and Physical wellbeing.

Our aim is to prepare our children emotionally and socially, and to encourage them to follow their natural instincts of investigating their environment.

Primary School

As a state-approved private bilingual school, OBS provides a future-oriented and innovative bilingual curriculum; combining competences from Lehrplan 21 – the Swiss National Curriculum – with learning goals of the International Primary Curriculum (IPC).

Our curriculum guides our students from when they enter Primary School all the way to their Upper School transition, providing a truly outstanding learning experience.

A clear learning process and set learning goals enable learners to be appropriately challenged. OBS learners are encouraged to enquire, discover, explore and to think deeply. Through a combination of collaborative learning and individual work, the learning environment aims to support and improve learning, foster curiosity and challenge learners to achieve their fullest potential.

We follow the Lehrplan 21 curriculum that is currently being introduced at Swiss schools across the country. The strong emphasis on skills combined with the approach of milestone objectives during the three cycles enables learners to gain the competences they require for the future through increasingly individualised instruction.

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OBS obtained the IPC license in 2017 and is an IPC school. The IPC is one of the fastest growing curriculums in the world with 1,800 bilingual, international and local schools across 90 countries following it. Its comprehensive, thematic and creative approach combined with its focus on knowledge, skills and understanding complement the IPC well with the skills-oriented Swiss National Curriculum, Lehrplan 21.

Upper School

In our Upper School, we prepare our students for higher education opportunities in both German and English, providing study options leading to Swiss and foreign universities.

  • Grade 9 – 13: Federal Matura examination
  • International Baccalaureate Diploma (IBDP): The accreditation inspection at Obersee Bilingual School took place in April 2018 and our application was successful. The first IBDP classes will therefore begin in grade 11 as of August 2019. OBS is now an IB World School.

  • OBS
  • Eichenstrasse 4c
  • CH-8808 Pfaeffikon SZ
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