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The investment in your child's future: Tuition at OBS

As a private and independent school, we live from the school tuition and, ultimately, the quality of our work. This gives us concurrently the chance to develop our program and services according to our goals and to the highest level, and to include the consideration of the wishes and needs of our students and parents. The strongest confirmation of our work is when parents register their next child to start with us.

Tuition regulations OBS (SY 2018/ 2019)

Deposit and reservation

After completion of the enrolment contract, an application fee (and for new entries as of Kindergarten also a registration fee) becomes due.

The deposit as well as the first school fees are invoiced one month before school start and are due on the first day of school (see details in the Tuition Schedule).

The deposit remains with the school and is to be considered separate from tuition. The deposit is refundable if the student attends OBS for at least one full academic year.

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