Save the Date: OBS Festival 2018
Posted 04/30/2018 10:02AM

The tradition of hosting an annual school festival to celebrate our community was initiated last year. This year's OBS Festival will take place on Saturday 23rd June from 6 to 10pm. Once again, we look forward to catching up with everyone over good food and drinks. We will also be showcasing the final products of our Project Week, which was themed "Bringing the OBS Values to Life" for Prekindergarten, Primary Cycle 1 and Primary Cycle 2. Upper School will show how they use media to support German language acquisition. The children explored this topic and will present their learning through film and animation, which we look forward to staring at the OBS Film Festival. More information will follow after the Spring holidays. In the meantime, we will leave you with a couple of student quotes that highlight their Project Week experience:

"I liked Project Week because our teacher showed us how to make dances and that was a fun thing to do. I also learned that you need to do things again and again and again until it is perfect." Primary Cycle 2 student

"I liked our experiment with the balloon. It was very interesting because we've never done something like that. It was a lot of work though. I also learned that we couldn't survive in a room without air in it, which you call vacuum." Primary Cycle 2 student

"I learned that Christopher Columbus was actually not such a good person because he stole all the food and all the gold from the Indians. He did a big trip." Primary Cycle 1 student

"I learned that we have to read more and do more writing as this can help us." Primary Cycle 1 student

Investing in the education of children benefits us all. OBS would like to thank our generous sponsors for supporting our school and our annual OBS Festival.

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