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Greece: Hospitality, Lemons and Culture

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Greece: Hospitality, Lemons and Culture

We drink a lemon every day!

Greece is a dream travel destination! Already on our first evening we get to know the Greek hospitality. After we got lost in an olive grove and Simon had to drive back out of the trees (I'm standing outside and bending the branches aside), we finally find the cove, described by friends. Soon, the next local resident arrives and greets us in good German. He lives in paradise, he says, and is happy that we had come here for one night as well. In the evening Simon helps him with his fire wood, for which we are given a big bag of fresh lemons from the garden. We are very happy, even though we do not know exactly how to use so many lemons. Then the old man laughs and says: "Drink it, that's healthy!"

In the next few days, we quickly realize that we have landed in Greece for the main season of the lemons, because we are more often presented with lemons. Over a month we drink our lemon every day, as a German saying says, “sauer macht lustig” (sour makes you having fun) and in Greece also healthy. :)

150 trees planted on the Day of the Tree!

On the Peloponnese peninsula, we reach a beautiful beach, where relatively many mobile homes are parked up between the trees. We learn that we are on the property of an initiative "Friends of the Forest". Their goal is that the beach is not overbuilt and anyone who wants to camp can find a place here. For that they plant trees, because how they tell us, one must not build in Greece, where forest stands. Of course we join in and so we plant 150 pines with local and international helpers in a short time. Then there is a big Greek BBQ: Souvlaki (pork kebab), pickled olives, many cucumbers, bread and white wine in a very international group.

Greek history blossoms in spring

Of course you cannot travel around Greece, without dealing with the ancient world. It is difficult for us to understand the many myths and stories, as there is always a new god in it. Luckily we find a great video on Youtub of a Matura thesis, which explains the most important gods succinctly.

Afterwards, we are prepared to visit the birthplace of the Olympic Games. On the grounds of Olympia, Zeus, the father of the gods, was worshiped in a temple, the most important sports competitions of antiquity took place there, and even today the flame of the Olympic flame is lit there. Unfortunately, only a few stones are left of the old buildings, but in the lush sea of flowers of the Greek spring it still looks very impressive.

Another day, we visit the Amphitheater of Epidaurus. It is one of the most important ancient theaters in Greece and can accommodate up to 20,000 spectators. It is particularly amazing as you can understand the speakers on stage, who speak in a normal (not especially loud) voice, even in the last row of the amphitheater.

Now we are on our way to Northern Greece. I'll talk about that next time. Bye, or as the Greeks say: YASAS!

Travel Itinerary: From Bari (Italy) by ferry to Igoumenitsa (Greek town directly on the Albanian border) -Igoumenitsa-Parga-Lefkada-Peloponnese (once all around)

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