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Meeting old and new Friends on Travels and the smallest Camper Van ever!

The nicest thing about traveling is, that you always meet new, interesting and nice people. In Greece, we are fortunate enough to meet new friends, as well as get visited by old friends and relatives from home.

Therefore we speed from the Peloponnese over the Canal of Corinth, through Athens, pass by the Oracle of Delphi and stop quickly at the monument for the brave Spartans, who fought the Persian in Thermopiles (Movie the 300 Spartans), to make it to Thessaloniki in time, to pick up Simon’s brother from the airport. We enjoy some relaxing days with him in the vicinity of Thessaloniki.

After this, we get to explore the wild north of Greece with our friend and former neighbor, who comes to visit us for a week. Here we see again a very different landscape of Greece. After the beautiful beaches on the Peloponnese, it now goes up to over 2000 meters in the mountains. We balance in the rock walls of the deepest gorge in the world, the Vikos Gorge, and admire the monasteries' architecture on the Meteora rocks.

It's fun to have guests in the bus, as we see much more this week than usual when we're slower.

But moving slowly also has many advantages. On a pitch in Thessaloniki we get to know Micha and Philipp. The two are a number for themselves. They definitely have the smallest camper we have ever seen and have been living in this mini mobile for over a year! Their original destination was Mongolia, but unfortunately they were rejected a few weeks ago at the Russian border, so they came back to Greece. We get along great and spend many, warm evenings together. Now you imagine this very idyllic, but keep in mind, that you often meet "interesting" people in the most random places.

This pitch for example, is located directly behind the airport. It’s practical for us to pick up our guests from Switzerland and Germany, but it also means, that we need to accept the noise of planes taking off or landing constantly. Furthermore it lays next to the main road and behind a car wash salon.

But if you might think that this clouded the camping idyll, you are wrong! In good company, something like that bothers not at all. :)

We end up staying on this pitch three times. The third time, we get to know John. He hiked from France to the Syrian border because he wanted to go to Mecca. Since the Syrian border is currently closed, he has turned around and now has pitched his tent between all the campers. It is always inspiring what humans are capable of!

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