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Bulgaria, has the best roads for washing clothes!

After more than seven weeks we leave Greece. Although reluctant, but it is high time to travel further north!

Bulgaria is a small country, with the highest migration across Europe. This is sad, but for travelers an advantage, as we are mostly in nature and the remaining population is happy to see us and get some news exchange from the worldJ. Soon we also realize that the Bulgarians are an "outdoor nation". Everywhere are small pavilions, which invite you to picnic. At the weekend, everyone is hiking, it seems a little like home in Switzerland, but everything is much poorer.

Bulgaria is the poorest country in the European Union, as reflected in food and diesel prices, but also in housing. The concrete bunkers from the Soviet era are visible everywhere. Even in small villages they are predominant. Only the city centers of larger towns show the actual architectural style of the Bulgarians and this is colorful and very artistic, as in Plovdiv, the second largest city in Bulgaria.

We drive north through the valley of roses. This is where Europe produces the most rose oil. Unfortunately we are about 2 weeks too early and the miles long Rose fields are not yet in bloom.

Our destination is a small, secluded place. Here we meet English friends, whom we met about 5 months ago in Spain. At that time, they were looking for a patch of land to settle on. In Bulgaria they found it and we visit them now. The journey is spectacular. Already 4 km in front of their house we have to leave our van, too deep the trees hang in the street, as that we could continue. With their car, we continue on this path until they also have to stop about 1 km away from their house. The last bit is only accessible by foot. Once their house was part of a small village. But today, all but three houses are abandoned and they are the only ones who want to live here all year round. With their own spring and garden, as well as electricity from the solar cell, they are currently trying to live self-sufficient. We help in the garden and the wood and are happy to sleep again in a real bed. Isby is a bit irritated. Are we really stay in this house overnight, he seems to wonder? But already the next day, he does not want to leave anymore. It seems like he probably would like to settle down again. :)

Why Bulgaria has the best roads for doing laundry? Since northern Greece, it has become increasingly difficult to find laundromats, because the cities are getting smaller and in the countryside people often seem to wash by hand. Even before the trip, we read that travelers put their laundry in a lockable bucket, drive 100km over bumpy gravel roads and then (more or less) have clean laundry. Now it's time to test if that really works! The roads are bumpier than ever before and our laundry piles up quickly. So we try it, and behold, the result is surprisingly good! If the laundry would now dry as fast as we have bumpy roads available, we'll be done with our laundry in no time. :)

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