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Isby Report 44

3 countries in one week! Hungary, Slovakia and Poland and Midsummer Festival in the Baltic States

We drive at full speed!

Since it is clear, that we will be back at OBS in October, we are feeling a bit “stressed”;). Then it is absolutely clear to us, that we want to explore Scandinavia! That's why we have to increase our travel speed now. We cross through Hungary, where we spend some nice days with Simon's family and give the bus a thorough cleaning (Thanks to Simon's mom, who has washed 14 machines laundry for us). Then we continue through Slovakia and Poland. Two very beautiful countries, but unfortunately we have too little time for them. Slovakia surprises us with beautiful mountain ranges and in the east of Poland there are the last free living bison in Europe. Unfortunately, we only get the warning sign on the street (Watch out Bison Crossing!) in front of the camera lens. Only in Lithuania we take the foot off the accelerator and return to our normal travel speed.

We enjoy the white sandy beaches of the Baltic Sea and are amazed how pleasantly "warm" the sea is here. In Riga, the capital of Latvia, we celebrate the Midsummer Festival. On the 21.06. is the longest day of the year, further north the sun will not set any more tonight. At least here it is not dark anymore, only dusky. For Midsummer Festival, people throw themselves in shell. Young and old weave flower wreaths diligently, which are worn on this day and then placed in the rivers, as a sign of fertility and life. The landscape already looks surprisingly "Finnish" to us. At least that's the way we imagine Finland. Then we cross many lakes, birches and moors. Estonia turns out to be a great camping country, because everywhere there are free parking spaces, with fire pits and toilets. Here we perfect our pizza art over open fire. The crowning glory of the Baltics is Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. It enchants with a beautiful, medieval old town, which is completely surrounded by a city wall. Here we make a big purchase. Two full shopping trolleys with supplies are then stored in the bus, then we are prepared for the ferry to Helsinki. Scandinavia we are coming!

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