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In the Outdoor Paradise

Northern Norway: Senja, Vesteralen, Lofoten, Mo I Rana

In fact, the next day, brings only good experiences to us!

We cross the border from Finland to Norway without any problems and are greeted by our first moose right away! A helpful mechanic organizes us a new diesel filter, which Simon can change without problems and Isby's digestion works perfectly fine! All our worries from yesterday have disappeared and we gladly head for the island of Senja, which is considered a miniature version of Norway (it unites all types of landscape in a confined space).

On the way, we pick up a Belgian guy, who tries to hitch hike. He is a personal trainer and is currently training for the extreme race on the Isle of Tromso, the so called Sky Race. His motivational power is contagious and he convinces us to start hiking at 9:00 pm to see the midnight sun from a mountain top. The ascent is quite challenging, but the reward we get, once we are at the top, makes me speechless! The view is gigantic and the light and shadow play, creates beautiful pictures. Tired but very happy, we fall into bed at 2 o'clock in the morning, while the sun is already rising high against the sky again.

Overall, we explore the area around Senja, the many Islands of the Vesteralen and the Lofoten, for about 2 weeks. It’s an outdoor holiday par Excellence! Mountains that fall vertically into the turquoise sea, golden sandy coves, colorful fishing villages and plenty of fresh air.



We become more skilled in kayaking and Isby is already jumping up and down excitedly, when Simon unpacks the air pump.

Our biggest kayaking adventure is a 3 hour paddling trip to the Trollfjor. A fjord, which has cut 2km deep into the steep mountains. It is a small arm of the Raftsund, through which the Hurtigruten ships cross, on their way to the North Cape. However, only the most experienced captains manage to maneuver their big Norwegian Post-delivery boats into the Trollfjord, as turning in the only 80 meters wide fjord requires absolute precession. As you can only reach the Trollfjord by boat, many tourists on the fast excursion boats get amused by two crazy paddlers in an inflatable kayak with a lazy dog in the rear, but we enjoy the trip anyway!

One evening, finally the time is right, to try my luck as a fisher woman!

For over a year, we have driven the fishing equipment around Europe, which my father has given me extra for this trip and I had never used it so far! Now, the time seams right!

While Simon prepares the kayak, I struggle to put the fishing rod together and select a bait. Do I even remember, how it all works?

As a kid, I often went fishing with my Dad, but that is a long time ago ;)

Finally, I choose a cute, green baitfish and attach it to the fishing line. Now everything should be ready. I hand the fishing rod outside the bus to Simon, pack the last things together and finally jump barefoot out of the Van, right into the green bait hook!

According to Simon, my screaming and shouting is bad;), but you also have to be unwise if you put a fishing rod right in front of the door! Fortunately, the hook is not deep in my foot and we finally start with the kayak, fishing rod, dog and laundry basket (if we really should catch a fish) and joke that now, we had at least already something on the hook.

Simon steers the kayak, Isby plays the figurehead in the back of the kajak and I try to remember how to expel the fishing rod. It could hardly be more idyllic, as we drift around in the bay and I enjoy the ejection and retrieval of the fishing line. I quickly get the hang of it, so I confidently turn to Simon and say, "What are we actually gonna do, if we really catch a fish?" He has no time to answer, because that's when the fight starts!

I yell again;) "I have a fish" and start catching the leash as fast as possible. Man, this fish has a lot of power! I pull and pull and still hardly get any rope in. At some point I discover the fish and he is HUGE! Unfortunately, Isby has also discovered him and now wants to jump from the kayak into the water! Simon has a lot to cope with. He has to hand me the laundry basket to the front, while keeping Isby calmly sitting behind him in the back.

In my opinion, the fish has a lot of teeth and I would rather pull him along the kayak back to the beach. But then I notice, that a curious seal, not far from us, stretches its head out of the water! He must have watched the whole spectacle! Now I’m very quick at pulling in the fish into the laundry basket, not that we also catch a seal on the fishing rod! As the fish has safely landed in the laundry basket and Isby is sitting quietly again, Simon and I breathe through thoroughly. Now, as we finally have time to marvel at the beautiful seal, he dives off. In his eyes, the show is probably over!

But for me it has just begun! With a turning fish between the legs, we paddle back to the shore as fast as possible. Isby does not understand the world anymore, since the whole trip took maybe ten minutes. I, on the other hand, think desperately, how it worked to kill and clean the fish. Finally, I manage it all and proudly call my father to tell him about our adventure and to find out what kind of fish we have caught. It is a coalfish and freshly grilled, it tastes very delicious, despite a few bones.

On our way south, we experience many more wonderful days in the pristine nature of Norway, as you can see from the photos. Next time, I'll tell you how Isby meets 25 sled dogs in Sweden!

Bye and see you soon! :)

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