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Report 47: 25 Sled Dogs and Wild Musk Oxen!

25 Sled Dogs and Wild Musk Oxen!

Sweden, Central and Southern Norway, Denmark

In Sweden we have only one destination. We want to visit Jutta and Ingo, a German couple and their 25 sled dogs. Normally, we visit them during the winter, to explore the fjell region around the peak of Helags, the highest mountain in central Sweden, on a dog sled. It’s a special adventure, when you drive your own dog team through the wide, empty snow landscape. Now, at the end of summer, the valley presents itself in a completely different way. Everything is blooming and we are picking delicious blueberries and mushrooms. To train the sled dogs, it is still a bit too warm and so they move freely in the big kennel. Isby is overwhelmed, he has never seen so many dogs at once. But Ingo introduces each dog individually to him and so he can get an overview. With some of them, he even runs freely through the kennel. Of course, he quickly realizes that he has the privilege of walking around loose, outside the kennel and annoys the sled dogs by jumping up and down the fence. We enjoy exploring the area by canoe, on foot and even on a mountain bike.

After a great week, we set off again, back to Norway. There, we experience another highlight of the journey. The area of the Dovre Fjell is one of the last homes of wild musk oxen. Actually, these gigantic animals are only found wild in Greenland and Canada. But in 1947, a few animals were reintroduced in the national park area of the Dovre Fjell in Norway. They seem to like it there and so they have multiplied and now there are around 300 animals here. Still, finding them is not easy. We are considering taking part in a guided tour to find them, but then we have unexpected luck! We park at the edge of the national park and sit in the Blue Wonder Van and look out of the window in the early evening hours. Suddenly, I discover a big, dark spot on a mountain ridge. It moves and I'm excited.

The binoculars confirm our hope, it is actually a musk ox! Quickly we pack binoculars and camera and rush straight up the slope. The closer we get, the more animals we see. Since the wind blows against us, the animals can’t smell us and we can watch them calmly as they get closer and closer to us. Their shaggy coat, which reaches over their knees, blows in the wind and we are speechless about our luck. It is a very special moment that we will never forget. Hours later and with far too many pictures we start to descent back to the Van. The whole evening we can still observe them through the bus window.

The next day they have disappeared. We continue our drive on one of the most famous roads in Norway, the Trollstiegen. In many sharp turns, our bus battles the serpentines. On the way down, the view of the Geirangerfjord becomes clear. The landscape is impressive, but the weather is quickly changing.

The summer seems to have ended already and the next two weeks we see the sun only rarely. Luckily it’s a bright day, when we visit the Brixdalbreen and we enjoy breathtaking views of this glacier. After this, it rains daily on our way south. This is a bit depressing, as we had planned many more hiking trips in this region. Unexpected but very lucky, we meet our French friends, Anouk and Alexis, again. Together, it’s much easier to endure the rain. But we take a decision and reschedule our ferry ticket to Denmark. Originally, we only wanted to leave Norway at the beginning of September, now we take the ferry already on the 19th of August. Our motto, we drive south into the warmth of Northern Denmark!

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